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I come from a family of gardeners, photographers and artists. My own garden is spacious, inspired by Monet's plan to have beauty at his fingertips. This lovely garden was built from scratch with terraces, stairs and pathways leading to serene views. It was a grand creative effort with my husband whose interests are trees and shrubs, as well as rock walls and stairs while my interest is in flowers, color and light.

Prints ~ I use tempera paint to make large pieces of paper directly from the colors all around, a complex palette including hydrangea blues, daylily yellows, rosy reds and a myriad of greens. Then I hand cut each flower, each petal and create collages. In them I seek to reflect the individual forms and personalities of each plant as arrangements or as potted plants. Each collage is photographed then finished in my computer to create a unique image. I print each one on heavyweight epson cold press fine art paper. The result is a romantic contemporary image, faithful to the rich color and detail I see in the garden.

Paintings ~ Influenced by the spontaneous process of James Goldsworthy. I longed for days spent responding to nature and the influence of the wind and changing light. And Jackson Pollack who gave me permission to use the enigmatic language of the painters drop cloth. I designed a spontaneous process, where I could work outside, the piece influenced immediately by the wind, light and fresh color and free of narrative. I collected cans of paint, laid down a wooden pallet and created explorations of the sensual and spiritual aspects of the garden.

A garden offers endless possibilities for the senses and the spirit. 


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